How Can One Accept Being Nailed to a Cross? If Jesus Can Accept & Find Peace Being Nailed to a Cross, I Can Accept & Find Peace Being in This Body!

This morning after meditating, the video “Don’t get disturbed by any event” by Eckhart Tolle was in an alert on my phone. I watched and was profoundly moved.

Healing is not a linear process and I am coming out of a backslide with some moments I would label as torturous. I know I am not my physical body. I have had too much experience to the contrary. Yet, I must still be holding onto this illusion as evidence by my suffering.

I endeavor to continue practicing accepting & allowing and converting my beliefs to hold life as easy and peaceful. After watching the video, during the challenging times, I now ask to be reminded “IF JESUS CAN ACCEPT & FIND PEACE BEING NAILED TO A CROSS, THEN I CAN ACCEPT AND FIND PEACE IN THIS BODY!”

I will also utilize nature’s gift of nutrient dense foods and extra doses of Vitamin C, Magnesium & Pantothenic Acid to take the edge off.

I believe spiritually we can prevent being disturbed. AND. I also know it’s possible when our bodies are working properly, nutrients are digested and assimilated into our cells, and our microbiome is flourishing – which is challenging in this toxic world we have created – we have another opportunity to CONNECT with the TRUTH and DIVINITY that is within  us all. 💗

For reasons not yet entirely clear, I have been very attached to my physical body in this life. My gut is my primary brain and when it got inflamed due to hidden additives, chemicals etc. everything went haywire. Please let’s clean up our world, internal and external, and foster the love of nature that is inherent within every child. If you have the means, please vote with every purchase, choice and thought to do so. 🙏

We may not have Heaven on Earth – YET – but, I know it’s possible! 🎆🌼❣️

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